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Last modified date: Dec 16 2019

 Thank you for trusting the Products and Services ("Services") of Soluciones uVicate S.A. OF C.V. ("uVicate"). uVicate is a company legally constituted and located in Bosque de Yuriria 2505, Los Sicomoros, Campestre-Lomas, 31205 Chihuahua, Chih. México


For uVicate your privacy is extremely important, we work hard to offer you a unique Privacy Policy for all our Services, we try to make it as clear as possible and that it is always updated according to the Mexican Legislation and the requirements of our Services, that is why , whether you are a new or experienced user, we strongly ask you to read our Privacy Policy as carefully as possible, if you have any questions please contact us at the email address


As a user of our Services, we want to clearly inform you about how we use your data and how you can help us protect your privacy. It is of really import for uVicate to clarify that our Services are developed for organizations, therefore, we also recommend reading their respective Privacy Policies. uVicate defines organization as any natural person, company, government, educational institution, among others, with or without profit, that uses one or more of our Services.


Our privacy policy describes:

• What data we get?

• How we use them?

• How to access to your personal and organizational data?

• What data we share?

• How we protect your personal and organizational data?

• Questions about our privacy policy


What data do we collect?

Get personal and organizational data, that can make the services we offerd better. The recollection of certain data it's perform as:

Organizational data They represent all the data that function as and identifire to the organization, this has to be obtained from a personal authority of the organization, for example, the name of the organization.

Data given by your organization They are all the data that are given by your organization, for example, your full name.

Data that you give Is every data that you give, for example, sending a contact email we ask for some personal data, like name, phone and email.

Data that we get from use of our services This represent all the data obtained automatically from the use of one or more of our services, this includes:

Data of out devices We can get, store and process data from your device, for example, your operative system version

Data about your physical location. When you use one of our services that can collect your physical location, we can get, store and process data related to your real location, for example, the place where you are.

Cookies and anonymous identifiers.We use different technologies to get, store and process data, when you use one or more of our services, for example, the use of cookies


How we use it?

The data that we collect is used to give, maintain, protect and improve our services, like the develop our services, and lookout for our protection and the one of our users.


The name that is given for the uVicate profile will be used for all the services that are needed for the usage of this application. In the case that you contact uVicate, it is possible that a log of the communication will be saved in order to improve the given service. We could use your email address to send you information about our services, including but not limited to updates, upgrades or new products. The data wil be collected via web browser cookies and other technologies, like JavaScript, and will be used for the improvement of the user experience and the overall quality of our products and services, for example the saved languages preferences are used for the display of the services in the language of your liking.


We will ask for your consent before we use the collected data for anything else that the established in the privacy policy. Furthermore, uVicate hosts its products on third party dedicated servers (Amazon Web Services Inc.), which has its own privacy policy (, this allows us to process your personal data in a server that is not located in your country or in the offices of uVicate.


How to access and update your personal data?

All the services of uVicate have the option to access your personal, or organizational, data. If said data are untruthful, and you wish to update or delete it, we provide the means to do it (usually on the user/enterprise profile section of the service) as fast as posible, unless we are bound keep them for legal purposes related with the activities or the services in uVicate. When you update, or delete, your personal/enterprise data, it is possible that you will be required to verify your identity before the process of said data. You will be able to modify or delete your personal/enterprise data if you have the right permissions to do it, otherwise you will be only allowed to read the data.


We reserve the right to process those request that are excessively repeated, that involve a disproportionate technical effort (e.g. develop a new system or modify the current ones in a significant way), that compromise the privacy of a third party, or that result substantially unviable (e.g. requests regarding data stored in backup copies).


What data do we share?

We do not share nether your personal data nor the data of your organization with a third party, unless it falls in one or more of the following scenarios:

Consent. We will share your personal data, or the one of your organization, with third parties when you give us consent to do it. In the case of the data of an organization, your consent only will be valid if the organization has given you previous authorization to do so.

Domain Administrators. uVicate defines a domain administrator as all personal authorized by an organization to manage the users of said organization. Given that your account is managed by a domain administrator, said administrator and the third party that assist on the management of the users of the organization will have access to the data found on your account (including, but not limited to, your email address). We recommend in that cases to refer to the privacy policy of your domain administrator.

External treatment. We will provide your personal data, or the one of your enterprise, to our subsidiaries and other trustworthy third party for its treatment on behalf of uVicate in accordance with our privacy policy and adopting as many measures as may be necessary to guarantee the confidentiality and security of said data.

Legal reasons. We well share your personal data, or the one of your organization, with third party if we consider in good faith that there is a reasonable need to access such data or use it for:

• Fulfill any expected requirement in the applicable legislation or regulations or meet any requirement of an administrative or judicial body.

• Comply with the provisions of the current Terms and Conditions of Service, including the investigation of possible infractions.

• Detect or prevent any fraud, technical or security incident.

• Protect the rights, property or security of uVicate, our users or the public in general to the extent required or permitted by applicable law.

uVicate participates in a merger, acquisition or sale of assets, we will ensure, to the best of our ability, to maintain the confidentiality of personal data and inform the affected users before their personal data is transferred or becomes subject to a different Privacy Policy.


How we protect your information?

In uVicate we strive to protect your information against any modification, disclosure or unauthorized destruction of the data we retain or against unauthorized access to them.


Some of our measurements are:

• We periodically review our policies regarding data collection, storage and processing, including physical security measures, to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.

• We limit the access of uVicate contractors, agents and employees to the personal and organizational information that they must process for uVicate and ensure that they comply with the strict contractual confidentiality obligations and that they are subject to the relevant disciplinary conditions or dismissal if not They fulfill these obligations.

• We apply our Privacy Policy to all our Services; However, since it is not possible to apply it to the services provided by other companies or individuals, our Privacy Policy does not regulate the data processing activities of third parties that advertise our Services and may use cookies, visit counters and other technologies to Publish and offer relevant ads.

• We verify compliance with our Privacy Policy periodically. Likewise, we adhere to different self-regulation codes. In case we receive a formal written claim, we will contact the person who has formulated it to follow up on it. We will work with the competent regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any claim related to the transfer of personal data that we have not been able to resolve directly with the user.


Questions about the Privacy Policy

For us it is of great importance to remind you that if you have questions or questions regarding our Privacy Policy you can contact us through the email address

uVicate may update its Privacy Policy. When the Privacy Policy is modified we will publish all the updates made to this Privacy Policy on our website and in each of our Services.